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Building a Home Addition – Hampton Roads, VA

What are some common types of home additions?

  • Two-story home addition
  • Room addition
  • Bump out / expansion
  • Garage conversion
  • Detached guest house
  • Sunroom

What does a home addition cost?

The cost varies significantly. There is a lot of specialized work that goes into these projects such as demolition / excavation, laying the foundation, extending the roof, framing, flooring, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. It’s difficult to estimate home addition costs without actually visiting the job site, however, here is an average from across the internet to give you a general idea.

Home addition average cost:  $72 - $220 per square foot 1


Cost Range

100 sq. ft

$7,200 - $22,000

200 sq. ft

$14,400 - $44,000

300 sq. ft

$21,600 - $66,000

400 sq. ft

$28,800 - $88,000

500 sq. ft

$36,000 - $110,000

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Tips for a successful (within budget) home addition:

Clearly communicate your wants. Do the research and determine what kind of flooring, windows, roofing, paint, etc. that you want. The more details you can give your contractor, the more accurate the cost estimate of your home addition will be.

Be willing to compromise to stay within budget. For example, it may be necessary to limit the square footage of the addition, reduce the number of plumbing fixtures, or select more affordable materials.

Take your time creating the design plan and stick to it. Contractors have a strict method of ordering the job steps. If a change of heart results in subcontractors retracing their steps or undoing their work, then this will inevitably increase the estimated budget.

Tips for “Blending” a home addition:

A home addition can stick out like a sore thumb if it isn't done properly (another reason to hire a licensed, professional contractor). Homeowners often wonder: “How do you blend your home’s exterior with a new addition?”

There are some things you and your contractor can do to build a seamless home addition.

  • Choose a reasonable size for the addition, allowing the original structure to take center stage.
  • Consider adding to the back of the house to preserve the forward-facing architecture.
  • Match the new roof with the angle and proportions of the existing roofline.
  • Match the roof materials, exterior siding, exterior paint colors, and windows.
  • For older homes, incorporate salvaged or recycled materials to maintain the historic feel.
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